Scope Of Services Training & Capacity Buliding

CIPTA HIMAYATA provides various consultant services and training for private and government clients funded by private, government and international institutions/agencies.

The details of CIPTA HIMAYATA field specialization are:

Training And Capacity Building

Training : Curriculum Development, Training Delivery, Overseas Training Management, Module Development, and Training and Workshop Organizer.

Community Development and Empowerment : Community Development, Mentoring, Community Group Development, Technical Assistance, Institutional Rural Development, Participatory Action Plan, Participatory Rural Appraisal, and Women in Development.

Public Awareness Campaign : Formulation of Public Campaign Program, Broadcasting, Billboard Development, Promotional Dissemination, and Media Release Development.

Local Government Strengthening and Support : Capacity Building, Staff Development, Career-Mapping Analysis, and Organization Development.

Poverty Alleviation : Small Enterprises Development, Family Planning, Household Mentoring, and Women in Development.

Good Governance Reforms : Public Campaign, Advocacy, and Assistance.

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Development : Cooperative Development, On the Job Training, and Partnership Development.