Scope Of Services Natural Environmental

CIPTA HIMAYATA provides various consultant services and training for private and government clients funded by private, government and international institutions/agencies.

The details of CIPTA HIMAYATA field specialization are:

Natural Resources And Environment

Marine and Coastal Resources : Resources Planning, Management and Conservation, Monitoring, Control and Surveillance, Coral Reefs Management and Conservation, Marine and Coastal Business Development, Marine and Coastal Research Management, Networking Development, Marine and Coastal Institutional Reform and Strengthening, Marine Transportation System Development, and Human Resource Development.

Agriculture, Estate, Fishery, Livestock and Forestry : Technology Assessment, Dissemination and Application, Research Management and Networking Development, Farming and Agro-Estate Development and Management, Resource Management and Conservation, Product Development and Marketing, Agro Industry and Agribusiness, Human Resource Development, Agro Forestry and Social Forestry, Forest Fire Control, Mangrove Management and Conservation, National Park Management and Conservation, Institutional Reform and Strengthening, and Land Administration and Registration.

Water Resources and Irrigation: Water Resource Management and Conservation, Water Management Policy, Regulation and Tariffs Development, Irrigation System Development and Management, Irrigation Infrastructure Development and Management, Water and Waste Water Treatment, River Basin Management, Catchments Area Management and Conservation, Flood Control System Development, Private Sector Participation, Public Private Partnership, Human Resources Development, and Water Institutional Reform and Strengthening.

Environment : Environmental Impact Study and Assessment, Environmental Management Policy and Regulation Development, Pollution Control System Development and Management, Composting Technology and Business Development, Safety System Development and Management, Waste Technology Development and Management, Environmental IEC (Information, Education and Communication), Environmental Control Infrastructure Development, Rural Electrical and Bio-Gas Development, Urban Settlement and Resettlement System Development, Remote and Isolated Area Development Management, Border Area Development and Management, and Industrial Regional Development and Management