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Dear Clients,

At CIPTA HIMAYATA we take pride in our professionalism and ability to satisfy client needs. I am sure that this letter and your contact with us will convince you that pride in our company and its achievements is well justified. We are also proud of the comprehensive range of the services that CIPTA HIMAYATA provides. We continue to have an active and growing involvement with the central government, local governments, funding agencies, private organizations, associations, cooperatives and small medium enterprises, and farmers.

However a major part of our business involves providing consulting and training services, increasingly, sophisticated economy policy, project planning and design, and management advice, as well as surveys, studies & research, mapping & geographical information system, industrial marketing research, project identification & fact finding, detailed engineering design, project operations management, project financial management, project supervision, project monitoring & evaluation, procurement/tender management services, management advisory services, technical assistance & advisory services, capacity building, training, overseas training, mentoring services, transfer of knowledge, technology & skills, extension & program marketing, public awareness campaign, management information system, BOT (build, operate & transfer), management contracting and public private partnership development services not only to social sector, such as education, health & population, and agriculture but also in other areas such as tourism, arts and culture, community development and empowerment, public awareness campaign, local government strengthening and support, poverty alleviation, good governance reforms, small medium enterprises (SME) development, marine and coastal resources, water resources and irrigation, environment, rural and agriculture infrastructure, urban infrastructure, small medium industry infrastructure and information technology.

We believe that the main reason for CIPTA HIMAYATA’s success and strong growth is that we place the pursuit of excellence ahead of anything else in the execution of our work. This, together with a demonstrated ability to be creative and innovative, we believe that CIPTA HIMAYATA can result a rapidly expanding list of clients, and scope of services. Diverse but skilled individuals were the origins of CIPTA HIMAYATA, talented and energetic people constitute the hearth and soul of the company. Without them, their skills and dedication we could only offer a little. In facts, the human factor is the essence of our success. If your require the services of CIPTA HIMAYATA’s consultancy and training which is versatile, innovative, professional, accessible and striving for excellence, I invite you to contact us.


Indrian Tagor Lubis